Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the standard engine cowl fit?2018-04-16T06:45:54+00:00

Yes the cowl remains 100 % untouched; we do add a 114 mm (4.25 inch approx) spacer that is attached to the standard cowls internal latch points, the standard latches are then bolted to the spacer. Then the cowl simply goes on in the standard manner.

Cowl Graphics2018-04-16T06:46:40+00:00

The production cowl graphics and sticker kit have yet to be finalized. The graphics applied to the pre-production kit are to clearly display that the engine is running the 450s supercharger package.

Which Yamaha model does the Nizpro Supercharger kit fit?2018-04-16T06:47:34+00:00

Our Supercharger kit fits all F series 225, 250 and 300 V6 4.2 liter models. It also fits all 200, 225 and 250 SHO V6 4.2 liter Models

Is reliability and durability compromised by adding a supercharger to a naturally aspirated engine?2018-04-16T06:48:39+00:00

Firstly let me say that the 4.2 Yamaha V6 is an amazingly well engineered product. Any owner of one can be assured just how good these engines really are and how under stressed they are in standard form. In its highest production level { 300 HP } it’s making a mere 71 hp per liter at a lazy 6000 rpm maximum engine speed limit..The standard 4.2l V6 Yamaha is engineered as standard with high quality connecting rods, oil cooled pistons and a compression ratio that is low enough to suit forced induction. So it is a brilliant platform for forced induction.

We started this project in 2013 and to accelerate our own durability testing program we are running our pre-production tests at well beyond the 450hp power level, Higher rpm with substantially higher boost pressures than what the production 450hp package will be released with. Up to date we have seen zero failures of any kind using a standard Yamaha 4.2 V6 engine.

Lower Unit strength2018-04-16T06:49:24+00:00

Currently we have seen zero lower unit gear failures. We certainly understand that at some point the lower unit will become an issue and are already taking steps to be able to offer upgrades such as prop shafts, gear sets, input shafts and nose cones.

Production and manufacturing2018-04-16T06:50:09+00:00

From the initial design concept of the 450s supercharger package for the Yamaha Vmax Sho and Offshore 4.2 litre V6 engine it was decided OEM quality supply partner would ensure outstanding performance and reliability.Nizpro Marine commissioned Harrop Engineering for their product design and production capabilities. Harrop is a licensed master distributor for Eaton Corporation utilising TVS Supercharger Technology. Harrop has significant aftermarket supercharger system integration experience in addition to being an OEM supercharger supply partner to Ford Motor Company, Toyota and Lotus.  Harrop Engineering is certified by SAI Global to the internationally recognized ISO9001:2015.

With over 60 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Harrop is a perfect fit for production of the Nizpro Marine range of supercharger systems.

Fuel Requirements2018-04-16T06:51:49+00:00

The 450s supercharger package requires the following fuel for maximum performance:

  • 91 USA pump octane,  98 Australian RON octane89 USA pump octane, 95 Australian RON. Maximum power output may not be
  • achieved while running the lower rating fuel
What does the supercharger package include?2018-04-16T06:54:29+00:00

This is the short list not including clamps, nuts and bolts. etc.

  • Nizpro Supercharger unit utilizing Eaton TVS 1900 rotor assembly
  • Twin water to air intercoolers
  • Intercooler water system
  • Upgraded fuel system
  • Drive belt and pulley system
  • Wiring loom extensions direct plug in
  • Fuel filter relocation bracket
  • Air box
  • Cowl extension piece
  • 450s Sticker kit
  • Direct ECU flash tool with plug in harness
  • ECU License
  • Nizpro Marine 450 Horsepower ECU calibration