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Nizpro Marine Supercharged 450s

We are extremely proud to announce our soon to be released Supercharger Upgrade Kit for Yamaha 6 cylinder 4.2l marine outboard engines. When we started this project a few years ago, our aim was simple – to produce the most powerful 6 cylinder marine outboard on the planet. We achieved this goal which is excellent, but it’s not only the power that is impressive, but also the unparalleled value for money.

Please Note: Some aesthetic aspects of this kit will change on the production version.


  • Direct-fit Supercharger Upgrade that takes only a few hours to install

  • Eaton TVS R1900 Twin Vortices Series (TVS) Rotating Assembly

  • 450 HP from 5200 to 6200 rpm at 7 psi positive pressure

  • 450 ft lbs at 5200 rpm

  • 90% of engine torque available from 3000 to 6200 rpm

  • 300 ft lbs at 1200 rpm

  • Adds only 55 lbs to existing F and VMAX Series engines

  • Power to weight ratio of between 0.75 -0.81 horsepower per pound

  • The most powerful 6 cylinder outboard marine engine on the planet

  • Harrop Engineering engaged for production – SAI GLOBAL certified ISO9001 quality since 1995

In 2008 Yamaha released their brand new Offshore and Super High Output series of outboard engines and dubbed them the “Game Changer”.

Compared to running two Yamaha 6 cylinder outboards, Nizpro Marine’s Supercharged 450s is 556 pounds lighter, no additional drag through water and no additional service costs.

Now THIS is the true “GAME CHANGER!”


Eaton TVS R1900 Features

  • Eaton’s new Twin Vortices Series (TVS) is a Roots-type supercharger for a variety of engine applications that delivers more power and better fuel economy in a smaller package, for uncompromising, high-performance driving

  • The TVS supercharger’s patented design features four-lobe rotors and high-flow inlet and outlet ports that greatly enhance thermal efficiency, deliver higher volumetric capacity, and enable higher operating speeds. The TVS supercharger is capable of running with a high thermal efficiency (up to 76 percent) across a very wide operating range

  • The improvements incorporated into the TVS design allow for the use of a smaller supercharger, reducing the package size and weight of the system. The sizes range from 350cc to 2650cc per revolution, and cover engines from 0.6 liter up to large displacement V-engines. All TVS superchargers have a 2.4 pressure ratio capability and a thermal efficiency that exceeds 70 percent, which enables more compact packaging and greater output

  • The twin four-lobe rotors feature 160-degree twists. The higher helix angle of the rotors coupled with a redesigned inlet and outlet ports, improves the TVS’s air-handling characteristics without increasing the overall size of the unit. The TVS improved noise and vibration characteristics eliminate additional noise-reduction treatments, complexity and system cost

  • The TVS Roots supercharger sets a new standard of boosting device performance and reaffirms Eaton’s leadership in the performance marine market



Engine Type 60 degree V6
Bore and Stroke 96mm x 96 mm (2.78 x 3.78 in)
Prop shaft Horsepower 450 from 5400 to 6400 rpm
Compression ratio 10.3:1
Fuel Induction Multi Point Fuel Injection
Camshaft and Control DOHC with Variable Inlet Timing
Forced Induction Nizpro/ Eaton TVS 1900 Supercharger
Intercooler Twin water to air charge coolers
Supercharger drive PK8 Drive belt with auto tensioner

Performance Data

0-30 mph TBA
0 -60 mph TBA
Top speed 107 mph (Force F19X Social Hull)
Maximum engine speed 6400 rpm